Taxonomy for 21021

Group = 21, Crustacean
IDcode = 21021
category name = horseshoe crab
scientific name = Limulus polyphemus
common name = horseshoe crab
other names: Class Merostomata TSN 82698
Is it a complex? No
submitted by = Karen Bolles
keywords: round large body pointed long tail buried horseshoe shaped crab;
parent nodes: [90021,Crustaceans]

ID notes: The horseshoe crabs have large round bodies with a armoured looking top shell (exoskeleton) and a long pointed stiff tail with a triangular shape. This species often buries itself.

Measurement rules: Measure the maximum dimension of the shell including the tail (if you can see it).

Useful resource links:
ITIS Report (taxanomic tree, links, etc)
Encyclopedia of Life - Limulus polyphemus

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