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Taxonomy Table

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  IDcode Group Category name Genus species Common name Keywords
10001 Other egg mass NA NA egg mass gelatinous stringlike ribbonlike semitransparent coiled green white leathery;
10002 Other gen_in water NA NA gen_in water
10003 Other misc manmade objects NA NA misc manmade objects plastic wood metal cardboard trash
10005 Other unknown growth NA NA unknown growth
10007 Other tilefish burrow tilefish burrow dark spot in image
10008 Other holes holes dark spot sometimes things are living in the holes
10009 Other unspecified tube often silty looking gray to dark gray wrinkled
10010 Other cerianthid tubes cerianthid tubes lipped grey round tube
10011 Other highlight image highlight image
10012 Other unknown_burrowing unknown_burrowing sand mound obscure animal
10013 Other dead/bones dead/bones white: irregular shaped: sharp edges: vertebrae:
10014 Other predation predation animal on top of or wrapped around another animal bubbled up starfish
10015 Other interaction interaction
10016 Other camouflage camouflage difficult to see hidden masked
10017 Other Beggiatoa Beggiatoa Beggiatoa anoxic white gray bacteria
10018 Other unidentified invertebrate unidentified invertebrate
10019 Other oak leaves oak leaf dead leaf: detritus
10020 Other unspecified community unspecified community unknown
10021 Other wire-rope wire-rope metal: rusty: braided: cable: steel: DFG: lines
10022 Other orange encrusting orange encrusting orange encrusting flat
10023 Other knobby growth A knobby growth knobby tan bumpy
10024 Other white encrusting white encrusting white encrusting flat
10025 Other unknown unknown
10026 Other net net DFG nets
10027 Other lobster pot lobster pot wood;metal;round;rectangular;DFG
10028 Other monofilament & hand lines monofilament & hand lines tackle DFG lines monofilament
10029 Other line-rope line-rope white: yellow: green: orange: blue: teal: nylon: polypropylene: DFG: lines
10030 Other fishing lures/plugs fishing lures/plugs hook sinker jig lure plug DFG
10031 Other Gear Parts gear metal rubber rings anchors shackles cookies DFG
10032 Other clay pipe clay pipe
10033 Other dredge tracks dredge tracks
10035 Other example substrate seafloor shell sand gravel boulder cobble mud substrate epifauna mussels mixed
10036 Other Gillnet Gillnet DFG nets
10037 Other trawl net trawl net DFG nets
10038 Other misc line (rope/wire/cable/other) misc line (rope/wire/cable/other) DFG: lines
10039 Other cable cable black smooth DFG lines
10040 Other fishing accessories fishing accessories man-made DFG
10041 Other food container food container Plates: bottles: cans: cups: glass: metal: steel: aluminum: ceramic: trash
10042 Other trash trash trash bag: black: blue: plastic
10043 Other artifact artifact smoking pipe: treasure: gold: pirate treasure
10044 Other wood pieces wood pieces wood: plank: driftwood trash
10045 Other metal pieces metal pieces metal i-beam steel: scrap metal trash
10046 Other plastic pieces plastic pieces trash plastic tarp bag
10047 Other bottle Amber York glass clear brown green food container trash
10048 Other can aluminum beer soda trash
10049 Other ceramic plate ceramic plate ceramic plate china trash artifact
10050 Other plastic trash bag trash plastic debris
10051 Other plankton net DFG nets
10052 Other clothing clothing
10053 Other aggregation
10054 Other deformity/injury irregular arms 7 arms 6 arms;injury lesions scrapes cuts
10055 Other mating
10056 Other interspecies interaction
10057 Other intraspecies interaction
10058 Other buried/burying
10059 Other enlarged body cavity
10060 Other tier one highlights tier one highlights
10061 Other tier two highlights tier two highlights anything interesting in an image that cannot be put into any existing category. If it is an extra special image put it into tier one highlights.;
10062 Other marine snow marine snow algae marine snow
10064 Other yellow encrusting yellow encrusting
10065 Other autoid training set autoid training set
10066 Other waved whelk or hermit crab waved whelk or hermit crab
10067 Other scallop-colored rock scallop-colored rock These are rocks that can be confused with scallops
10068 Other unidentified invertebrate a unidentified invertebrate a
10069 Other flat algae A flat algae A
10070 Other algae B algae B
10071 Other scallop false positive
10072 Other scallop false negative
10073 Other fish false positive
10074 Other fish false negative
10075 Other measurement
10076 Other Training examples
10077 Other possible siphon possible siphon
11001 Sponge finger sponge Haliclona oculata finger sponge yellow beige tan large pores finger-like narrow stalk
11002 Sponge palmate sponge Isodictya palmata palmate sponge yellow beige reddish porous erect broad flattened fused thick branched
11003 Sponge tan erect sponge tan erect sponge
11006 Sponge unknown sponge unknown sponge encrusting or erect often porous looking white orange pink: green: tan
11007 Sponge halichondria tan Halichondria sp. halichondria tan yellowish light green thin crust prominent pores oscula low volcanoes textured sponge
11008 Sponge tubular sponge Haliclona urceola tubular sponge yellowish thick rubbery firm smooth shiny attached liverlike sponge
11009 Sponge Hymedesmia Hymedesmia spp. Hymedesmia thin encrusting red orange blue sponge small areas not massed;
11010 Sponge Iophon erect Iophon spp. Iophon erect white upright erect branching sponge white tan yellowish
11011 Sponge Iophon encrusting Iophon spp. Iophon encrusting white grey encrusting sponge
11012 Sponge Iophon on brach Iophon spp. Iophon on brachiopod round white yellow encrusting brachiopod
11013 Sponge brush sponge Polymastia infrapylosa? thin brush sponge tan pink white finger-like tentacles spikey points sponge
11014 Sponge unknown encrusting unknown encrusting
11015 Sponge unknown sponge erect erect sponge pink orange white red brown yellow tan
11016 Sponge Polymastia Polymastia spp. Polymastia Spikey knobby sponge yellow basal pad white projecting fingerlike closed papillae
11017 Sponge sponge web holes A Suberites? spp.
11018 Sponge halichondria green Halichondria sp. halichondria green
11019 Sponge basket sponge B Axinella infundibuliformis? white basket sponge white tan color basket vase-shaped upright smooth thick walls rounded bottom sponge
11020 Sponge yellow globular sponge yellow globular sponge yellow oscicules globular sponge
11021 Sponge button sponge button sponge white tan button small round holes sponge
11022 Sponge mucus sponge mucus sponge round webbed yellow-colored sponge
11023 Sponge white encrusting A white encrusting A flat white encrusting sponge
11024 Sponge Polymastia invaginata Polymastia invaginata Polymastia invaginata yellow white tubular spikey brown sheath sponge
11025 Sponge yellow globular sponge A yellow globular sponge A yellow globular round sponge
11026 Sponge unidentified basket sponges basket sponges Phakellia or Axinella: usually whitish or tanish;vase-shaped upright smooth thick walls sponge
11027 Sponge white encrusting sponge white encrusting sponge white: encrusting
11028 Sponge yellow encrusting sponge yellow encrusting sponge yellow encrusting sponge
11029 Sponge orange encrusting sponge 0range encrusting sponge orange encrusting sponge
11030 Sponge orange globular sponge A orange globular sponge A peach orange