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Project: RSA (Research Set-Aside Program)

The HabCam vehicle was originally designed as a tool to survey sea scallops with funding generated by the commercial scallop industry through the Reseasrch Set-Aside Program (NOAA adminstered).


The HabCam vehicle (yellow) on the deck of the F/V Kathy Marie. Sea scallops on deck and two scallop dredges in the water.


Cooperative Research


Shadow-Tow Survey

In 2007 through 2009, the HabCam vehicle has been conducting paired tow surveys with the National Marine Fisheries Service as they conduct their yearly scallop assessment. This project lets us assess how data from an optical imageing system compares to results from a standard dredge-survey.

Continuous Sampling Design

Because the HabCam system provides continuous data rather than point-sample data, we have to explore different survey methods to find the most efficent sampling design. Simulated scallop populations are surveyed with a variety of sampling desings including grids, zig-zags, spirals, and square spirals.placeholder