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Project: NEBO (Northeastern Bentho-pelagic Observatory)

The goal of NEBO is to make repeated surveys to designated "sentinal sites" seasonally over the course of three years. These sites were selected for their diverse physical and biotic characteristics, importance to fisheries, and potential to learn about ecosystem funtioning.


The six sentinal sites of NEBO, ranging from the Mid-Atlantic Bight to Georges Bank, to the Gulf of Maine.


Ecosystem Approach


Monitoring Didemnum vexillum,

an invasive species.

This invisive tunicate (sea-squirt) has been found in several locations on Georges Bank not previously known to have D. vexillum. It provides a unique opportunity to study drastic change in the ecosystems it inhabits, sometimes overgrowing the bottom and other organisms for kilometers at a time.

Continuous Sampling Design

Because the HabCam system provides continuous data rather than point-sample data, we have to explore different survey methods to find the most efficent sampling design. Simulated scallop populations are surveyed with a variety of sampling desings including grids, zig-zags, spirals, and square spirals.placeholder